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DigitalROX was founded to provide efficient digital business solutions cost effectively. We specialize in enterprise application development, digital marketing, training tools, and mobile apps. Our team is comprised of the best in the business with over 40 years of combined experience in digital production. DigitalROX ensures that project objectives are met, expectations are exceeded and budgets are always in-line.


We love to design, create and inspire. Whether you are looking for a new distinct corporate web site or a robust CRM solution, our mission is always to wow your audience and increase customer engagement.


Our experienced team of application developers will build applications to suit your business needs. We take pride in solving your business challenges and delivering a complete, customized solution.


DigitalROX has a suite of proprietary applications for a variety of business needs. These include Meetings Management and Training Applications, Sales Training Portals and Custom CRM tools just to name a few. Contact us today to see how we can help your business drive sales, increase efficiency and save costs.



We initiate a project by defining its reason, business goals, and scope, the reason for initiating it, and the proposed solution to be implemented. We will also put together a project team, define early milestones, and early budget proposal.


The planning stage is where we will define detailed action items and build a complete Time and Events schedule that will include roles and responsibilities. In addition we will define benchmark review and approval dates.


The Development stage is where we hit the ground running. We begin to build the requirements of the project and maintain our progress with the client through scheduled status meetings. In addition we will show prototypes, alpha and beta versions to the client in accordance to the T&E.


The testing and quality control phase is where we do complete use-case testing. This includes all required browsers, platforms and user-roles as defined by the project requirements. Testing results are collected and any necessary fixes and updates are made.


The final step of the project, Delivery, is where we release the project to the client. In addition we will perform a post-release review to identify any improvements or enhancements that would benefit the client and end-user in future releases.

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